Our day started at 7am even though our alarms was set at 8am. This is due to the constant stomping sound from the ceiling above us. I guess the floor above us was the food hall and everybody was walking the floor where that is not thick enough.

This hotel doesn’t serve in house breakfast and we proceed to the common food hall for breakfast. The aunties have prepared all the food and covered them in anticipation for the guest. The food looked surprisingly good and hot tea was being served to us. The fish dish also have solid fuel lighted to warm the dish. However, there were several dish that I do not like.

By right our hotel would have provided us with a clear view of Mt Fuji but the poor weather blocked our view.

The lake view should include a view of Mt Fuji in the middle. We were so disappointed that it was raining almost the entire day.

Transport within this Kawaguchiko is rather simple. You board the bus from the back while taking a number ticket. The ticket would indicate the amount of money that you need to pay when alighting. It typically cost around 200yen per ride.

We were unfortunate to have met with a wet weather during our stay. This severely limits what we can visit as Kawaguchiko is primary a outdoor place. We decided to visit music forest as it was listed as a indoor venue. This was half accurate. Places to places within the venue is expose to wet elements.

There were shops and performances indoor, but venue to venue is in the open space. There is also a nice garden but it’s hard to take photo in the rain. The amazing thing is that music forest offers transparent umbrella. This make it kind of romantic?

Also, this place is called music forest as the music was primary from music jutebox.

There were several different shows and the photo above is taken when a person is playing a jutebox with another lady singing in “opera” style.

You can also purchase the many jute box. We got 1 of these musical box.

There was also food, but we settled for the “cheaper” option by getting cakes instead of mains.

Subsequent, we left the place after taking lots of photos. I feel that this is 1 of my favorite place in this trip.

We left the place and walk around the area.

Technically this should be a path full of red tree. Guess we are only lucky to see some red tree.

Also, given good weather, this is the view that we should see.

However, we only manage to catch this. This is the exact same spot in the photo above.

Unlucky….. 😔😔😔

We waited until sun set before we headed back to have dinner near our hotel. We dine at this place, but I cannot really get the name.

The food and dishes were decent. It seemed that their signature dish is “Hana” noodles and it does taste decent for a second try. They offer a variety of food and seemed to be better than the previous restaurant that we had.

Day 6 – Kawaguchiko Day 1

Day 8 – Back to Tokyo