On our 6th day in Japan, we left Osaka for Kawaguchiko. This turned our to be a very long journey as we left the hotel at 10am and only reach our next hotel at 5pm.

Furthermore, the trip required us to buy additional tickets that cost around 1540 yen on top of our JR pass.

By the time we reach, we were all so tired and just want to rest.

The place pride itself as a Mt Fuji area as there were many Mt. Fuji decoration including the trains.

Furthermore, it turns out that our hotel barely has any restaurant around the area. There were only 2 place to eat and we were lucky to reach the restaurant early enough to 1 of the restaurant as the owner turn away other customers after us.

We ate at HANA BBQ for our dinner. The BBQ meat was great but we over ordered the rest of the food. We had another 2 Bibimbap and 1 toufu stew. We barely finished half of the Bibimbap and wasted the food. The restaurant offers reasonable price with average tasting food. However, given the cold weather, the BBQ meat tasted exceptionally better.

For our hotel, we stayed at hotel Mifujien. The hotel offer both traditional and normal rooms but does not offer in room private onsen.

The hotel will send people to lay the futons around 4pm and keep the futons when you are having breakfast in the common hall. It’s better to keep all belongings properly as lots of people will be entering the room to keep/lay the futon.

As there was nothing much to do at night, we turned in early after enjoying some hot tea.

Day 5 – Osaka

Day 6 – Kawaguchiko