Our breakfast in the hotel was extravagant as the previous day. Both breakfast was not super tasty but it looked very selfie worthy.

We were worried that the breakfast would be the same as previous day but our doubt was cleared as we were grated by different dish. It turns out that the staff do take note and serve different fish to occupant of different day.

After breakfast, we managed to caught a glimpse of Mt Fuji in our room for approximately 30 minutes.

As the journey to Tokyo by train is very troublesome, we decided to take the express bus instead. At least the bus is direct and does not require us to carry our luggage around the train station. Tickets can be bought at the main Kawaguchiko train station at a reasonable price.

The bus ride was quite comfortable and even has a build in toilet. The bus also provide WiFi.

When we reached the Tokyo, ShinJuku, we went and drop our luggage at our hotel first before heading out for lunch.

For some reason, we ate Genki Sushi. We choose it as it was cheap.

We left the place quite satisfied as sushi tends to be more expensive in Japan. Overall, Genki Sushi is still quite value for money.

After our lunch, we headed over to Shibuya. I’m not sure if Google was lying to me, but Shibuya crossing is not impressive. It doesn’t even look impressive.

However, within this area are shops and shops and shops. This is also the only place with bubble milk tea.

It suddenly satisfied our craving for milk tea after not having any for 8 days.

However, it would still probably be better to join the long queue for gongcha instead of this “Teai8”

Also, i realise that my favourite shopping area in Shibuya is “Loft” where they sell all sorts of things, especially those artistic things.

Furthermore, the branch here is 6 floor high.

There is also a Muju here that is 5 storey high.

After lots of shopping, we decided to settle for Ma Masion for our dinner. This is pork cutlet specialty shop. The premium pork cutlet cost up to 38,000 yen.

We settled for the cheap option though, which cost around 20,000 yen.

We ordered the pork cutlet where the pigs are green tea and yam. The pork cutlet that are green tea tasted slightly better than the yam version. However, i do not think that it is as exaggerating as reviews that we saw on Google map where people says that the meat melt in the mouth. The meat has lost “pork” smell though, so those who usually reject can still try the dish as pork cutlet is also considered a kind of Japanese dish. The pork cutlet is still definitely one of the better pork cutlet that i have ever eaten.

We headed back to our hotel after dinner.

Our hotel still the typical small Japanese hotel. We stayed at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku.

The hotel itself is quite near the main shopping area. If you are not taking the JR rail, there are 2 train station right beside it. It is approximately 10 minutes away from the JR station (Which we take most of our time when staying here) and main shopping area.

Furthermore, from train station to the hotel, there are certain places that are accessible only via stairs. Hence, if there are heavy luggage, it may be an issue.

Similar to all japan hotel, the room is small but well equiped. The place is rather clean as well.

Also, this is 1 of the rare hotel that offers english channels. (We were glad that it is even channel newsasia).

End of another tiring day, good night!

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