After being in Tokyo for so long, we finally decided to head to Tsukiji Outer Market.

Although we cannot see all the bidding of fish and stuff, there are still a quite a fair bit of things to do in this fish market. There are still shops selling “fish” stuff as well as a wide variety of seafood and beef for consumption.

This place is also very crowded with lots of tourist.

We ate several dishes for our breakfast. The food here tends to be average? I did not find anything fascinating and they cost even more than the other markets that we have been to. Also, we queued for a particular Tamago store for some time only to found out that it taste absolutely normal. I’m not sure why there are people who queued for it.

Also, even the waygu beef is more expensive and did not taste as good as what i previously had.

The beef that we had over here is even more expensive compared to other places. It was around 40,000 yen.

After our trip over here, we headed over to sunshine city to visit another pokemon centre.

This place has quite a number of shops that we liked. This include another Pokemon Centre, Disney Store, Ghibil Store and shops that sells things like Snoopy and other Sanrio Cartoon Character.

If you have a lot of time, there is also a ninja town and aquarium.

This place looks like a fun place to come if you have children. Also, the super market outside is the 1st place that we have visited that sells fruits at a affordable price.

We settled our lunch over here in Goemon (a shop that’s actually already in Singapore.)

The food is quite nice and we shop this place until it’s dark before we continue to shop for the rest of the souvenirs near our hotels.

We shopped so much until we bought extra bags to store our stuff 🤣🤣🤣

Day 9 – Kawagoe, Shin Okubo

Day 11 – Way back home