It’s our last day in Japan. We packed everything in our luggage plus extended bag and hurried to the airport.

The 2 orange bags are new additions. Turns out, they are so big until we cannot check in with them.

Turns out there is a “Tax Free” Akihabara in the airport. We spend some of our remaining cash on the food that we might eat over here.

Also, the pilot state that if those on the right side of the plane would be able to catch Mt Fuji. Arrhghghgh. I did not know this.

We had Haagen-Dazz in our plane. Yayyyy.

Also, a random fried noodle dish. (I was hoping for the soda dish in the menu 😭😭😭)

Also, a loaf of Hokkaido bread from Singapore 7-11 to remember our trip for the next 1 week. 😂😂😂

Day 10 – Tsukiji Market & Pokemon Centre