Superpark is a all-in-one indoor activity park with over 20 activities for all ages.

This is what was stated in the website. My company organised a trip to superpark for our early company outing and I finally got to visit superpark.

Although the activities are done individually, it is really more enjoyable with larger groups. Hence, I was always hesitant to go alone. The price is rather affordable as it cost $35 for whole day and $22 for 6-9pm. There night pass is more than sufficient as there is not enough things to do for the whole day.


You are given a band when you enter. This band can be used to lock and unlock the locker found in superpark. It’s pretty convenient and high tech.

Also, they provide a nice socks that has proper grips. You are expected to wear the socks for most activities. Some activities require you to wear shoe. Hmmmm.

Some activities that require wearing shoe includes indoor skate part (To play kick scooter) and rock climbing. The rest of the activities does not require shoe.


There are several activities and I enjoyed baseball the most. It’s the first time I get to play baseball in Singapore and I manage to even score a few hits. There is a decent size trampoline, but it is definitely not as good as “Bounce” Park.

There are also several activities meant for 4-8 people. These can easily be used as competition for company outings.

Overall, I like the place and will visit this place again after some time has passed. This is probably a place for kids older than 6 years old and good to come once in 1 or 2 years. This is definitely not a bad place, but the activities inside get dull quickly. It is seemed to be catered for company events as there are promotions on their website for such events.