Saturday was my company’s own family day. It’s been the 3rd time my company organised a family day at Universal Studio. I guess it is almost impossible to host an event for almost 10,000 people.

As part of family day, tickets are subsidied to $35 per pax, with a $5 meal voucher included. It’s cheap enough considering tickets are usually sold at $69.

Our company catered shuttle bus to pick us from Harbourfront and dropped us right outside of the water show location.

After our own lucky draw, we rushed over to take a ride before the queue builds up. Our company did kind of reserved the whole place from 8am to 10am. Strangely, it seemed that there were other company who came also.

Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure is 1 of the ride that I kind of like but the ride tends to make me wet. Poncho are advised when riding the ride and they sell poncho at $5. However, I realise that they designated an area for people to throw their poncho and people can simply come over and grab a “clean” used poncho for free.

As for lunch, we bought a 20inch pizza for $50 (Shared with 4 people). It was kind of nice and this is the first time I had pizza in USS. With our $5 complimentary meal voucher, it reduced the cost to $30. (Although we splurged on root beer float that costed $7 each.)

After our meal, we headed to watch the Seaseme show while waiting for the food to digest.

It was kind of funny where meet and greet are all villains instead of the good guys. Hmmm. Maybe “Drew” is a good guy. But these are funny choice of character. Hmmm.

Overall, I kind of like coming to USS except for the long queue. The queue got better at 4pm where certain ride needed only 30 minutes to queue. We also managed to took our favourite “Revent of The Mummy” ride with a 30 minutes wait time. This family day is kind of a success although I did not see any people from my department. Hmmm.