We organised a trip to Kukup in Malaysia from Singapore. The trip was a short getaway from work and it is 1 of the easiest trip that I have ever took. The agent for this trip has arranged everything for us, from transport to accommodation to food.

The journey there

We gather at Bugis MRT at 6.15 am before proceeding to the checkpoint at Woodlands. We were slightly worried as it looked like there is already a jam.

However, it turns out that we need not worry as much as we took the bus lane. However, the only downside is that there is a queue when clearing custom. (40 mins?)

By the way, this was our vehicle.

We stopped by near Taman Perling to have our breakfast before proceeding. (Not including in the package).


The place was still ok and has a lot of tourist.

And we finally reached our destination around 10.30am Our place has 4 beds in 1 room and we took 2 of such room for 14 of us.


Actually, the main thing to do in Kukup is to sing Karaoke. The songs are quite good and up to date. I manage to sing the latest Jay Chou +Ashin song 1 week after release at this place.

Some how, it is time for lunch again.


This was the timing for all the meals. They also offer manicure and body massage. But you need to book early as there are only a few freelancer.

This was our lunch

Followed by tea time

As kukup faces the west, it is easy to catah the sunset.


Followed by dinner


After dinner, we bought some fireworks to play. You can also get sky lantern at $10 RM. (Popular choice)

We got this to play. It’s 6 stick for 100 RM

And it’s rather scary. Hmmmmm.

We also set our sky lantern

We were playing and singing so much that we skipped supper. Hmmmmm. It doesn’t look nice though.

The next day

Another round of non-stop eating. This is our breakfast.

Soon after breakfast, it’s time for lunch. We lunch at Shangerila. Hmmmmm. Suspicious name.



The food wasn’t anything bad, but we were served with a 10pax course even though we paid for 14pax. (Some food only had 10 items. Eg, 10 spring roll, 10 slice of watermelon) They gave us additional 2 dish. Hmmmm

And we finally reach home after 3 pm after crossing the custom back to Singapore.

By the way, each pax cost around $110 for a trip with 13 people. We booked through this person and have experience booking for company team bonding event as well.