Today I headed over to CPF to make a nomination. This is the first time I am doing any nomination after my marriage as the previous nomination is not valid after you got married.

Appointments are only available on weekends for cpf nomination hence we headed over to get a queue number. CPF opens from 8 to 1130am and they stop issuing queue number some time closer to 11am (Not 1130am)

The estimated time is 47 minutes and we waited approximately 1.5 hours. We were lucky that there were food nearby as we headed out to have our branch.

For CPF nomination, you will need to make sure you bring your

  1. NRIC
  2. Remember the NRIC of your nominees. No need to print or bring hardcopy. Just the numbers will do.
  3. How you are going to split.
  4. Consider whether you allow your family members to view your allocation if you met with a mishaps

You will register your mobile phone with the counter and they will sms you when it is your turn. So just head out instead of waiting here. Its a good 10 min wait after we receive the SMS.

The counter staff explained about CPF nomination to us and got another staff as the 2nd witness.

We also agreed to let our family member to see our allocation of we were met with any unfortunate mishaps.

Once approved, we will receive a letter in 2 weeks time about our outcome.

The whole process was very professionally done despite the large crowd. There was even a mobile ground staff to help people.

The process is simple but why do we do CPF nomination?

To me, the only reason to do nomination is to avoid giving money to the government so that they can help you allocate your money. If you pass away, the money will be transferred to “Public’s Trustee Office” before transfer back to family. This will incur the following charges.

As such, CPF nomination allows you to avoid such ridiculous charges.

Also, you can assign a trusted person with 1 % and they can help to assign the CPF without resulting in any additional charges as well.

In my case, I nominated 7 people and there was no issue.


Go do your CPF nomination as soon as you get married………..