I collected my keys on X Dec. It’s so exciting.

However, the timing of the collection makes it tiring. The collection was at 3pm which seemed to disrupt my half day leave. But the time it reaches 3pm, we were already drained and tired after loitering around Toa Payoh.

By the way, NTUC at Toa Payoh sells cheap pineapple. There is no need to scramble around buying pineapple earlier form other places.

We rolled the Pineapple and orange( just 1) and shout auspicious words(huat) before we enter the house. We also make sure that I step into the house first as “man of the house”. It’s my responsibility now to take care of my wife.

We went in and took a good look at the house. At the same time, we also start to discuss our renovation plans. Both my parents and inlaw was around and they all had different opinions. Voice went all over me discussing how things should be done. Regardless of what they say, I am a person who only does things based on what I want. I am kind of just blindly agreeing to them just to pacify them but I don’t remember most of what they say.

I also have my small laser ruler that I can finally use.

Overall, my house is smaller than what I expected and I hope to make it cozy. I do like a small and cozy house compared to a large and spacious house so hopefully I can complete my renovation soon.

It’s finally my turn to check for defects before starting the contractor works. 😊😊😊