Christmas Wonderland is Singapore biggest Christmas Fair every year, created to bring the spirit of Christmas to everyone. The event is held from 29 Nov to 26 Dec. This is 1 of the larger event in Singapore and I have been attending this event for the past 3 or 4 year.

Luckily, the event is still rather affordable and cheap. As entrance is not free, the amount of people that visited the event is comparatively lesser. This makes the whole event more enjoyable as you get to see things and not people.

There are other things that requires you to pay after you enter. This include the theatre performance as well as other booth (mostly food). The game booth are not too expensive and definitely cheaper compared to CNY RiverHongBao. A Feris wheel Ride cost $6 and meal tends to cost $8-20.

There are some of free activities that you can do at Christmas Wonderland including taking a photo with Santa at Santa Workshop as well as the outdoor lighting and Snow Time.

Turns out Mistletoe White beer is something that they are trying to sell. It is really nothing special and cost $10 for 330 ml and $14 for 480ml.

They are this yellow lighting titled “Walk of Peace”. I guess it looked nice? But there are too many people here to take a decent photo.

Since it’s a celebration for Christmas, there is “snow time” to enjoy. This happens at 7.55, 8.55, 9.55 & 10.30 pm. I suppose the best timing to catch the snow time is 8.55 as it happen right after the Rhapsody at 8.45pm. So grab a nice spot and enjoy the show.


Christmas Wonderland for this year is the least interesting in my opinion. Most of the things that are “free” after paying the entrance fee are reduced. I remember taking more photos last year compared to this year.

Nevertheless, at $6, it is still a decent and enjoyable place to be. It’s better to visit the place early then squeezing with the crowd during Christmas.