After a very long wait, I have finally gotten my vaccination completed. In Singapore, I have the option for either Pfizer or Moderna. I decided to opt for Moderna after considering several factors.

1) It feels that (feels only) that the side effect of Moderna is less serious. The 2nd does of Moderna is almost guaranteed to have fever but I feel that they is less serious complication. This is mostly derived from various social media post like the sg covid vaccine telegram group

2) Moderna is easier to store and transport. Pfizer requires deep freeze of -70 degree celsius while Moderna requires -20 degree celsius. This meant that there is a higher chance of Pfizer being expose to less ideal situation than Moderna.

3) Moderna is given in a larger dose than Pfizer. Not sure why but I feel that 100 ml makes more sense than 30 ml. This is because it’s a larger amount with smaller concentration. I keep having impression that this allow body to absorb better.

4) A very lame reason but Moderna is more expensive than Pfizer. Since both are free, why not choose the more expensive version?

Anyway, we can book the vaccination at and everything is quite straightforward.

You will receive a link and you can change your vaccination appointment to any new timing you want. Moderna is less popular in Singapore, as such, there are way more slot than Pfizer.

During the vaccination day, I took the free gojek ride to the vaccination Centre at “Punggol 21”.

Only 2 rides, but you need 4 trips

The voucher is good for 2 rides and up to $15 per ride. Typically people book a vaccination Centre near their place, so it’s hard to hit $15 even with surge. The drivers were sharing that usually people go in couples so they have 4 rides.

30 minute waiting area

The whole procedure is pretty smooth. You queue up for your turn (shorter queue for Moderna as lesser people booked appointment this vaccine). The registration registration counter will explain everything to you. After that,you will be brought to the Vaccination roomfor the Jab. After the jab, you will be asked to wait in the holding area for 30 minutes. Eventually, you will get to leave. Some vaccination center provides complementary gets when you leaves. This is usually hand sanitiser or face mask.

After the jab

As I took the vaccine in the morning, I only felt the effects during the night.

My highest body temperature

My body did not really have any fever for the first jab. It only raised to 37°c. My injected arm was aching. This muscle ache is even worse on the and jab where the pain only went away 3 days later. My temperature was also higher on the second jab. Whenever I felt the feverish feeling,I would pop 2 panadol to my month. This help to prevent fever from happening and reduce the tiredness you get from fever.

Coconut and other cooling water is good to drink before and after talking the jab. Maybe my fever outbreak is curb by this.

It will take 2 weeks after 2nd jab to take effect.
2 weeks after and jab

I am Modernised!!!!!!

Upate: There are article that says moderna is better against delta variant than pfizer. hmmm, I made the right decision.