I’ve finally have some time to pen down my experience going to Thomson Medical Hospital to give birth to my son. This happened during the heighten alert during covid. Things are generally more complicated during this trip.

My wife water bag broke at 2am and we made our way to the hospital. (our gynae replied our whatsapp and asked us to go directly to hospital)

Upon admission, the nurse check us in. My wife was brought to the delivery suite while I was required to wait at the lobby. I’m handling the admission fee and I almost did not bring my credit card for the payment.

Waiting for the staff to call me

Before I meet my wife (who will be doing the covid test at the delivery suite), I will be doing my covid test at a different location within medical centre. ART will only last for 24hr while PCR result will last for 1 week. Hence, I would need to do both ART and PCR as I would be staying here for a few days. ART’s result is immediate while PCR takes 1 day to process. The total cost for the 2 test is $166.

ART is immediate. 1 line means negative

Also, as I opted for single bedder, I am required to pay additional $3700. For guys, please remember to opt out of breakfast as it cost $90. It’s super not worth it.

The delivery suite

This is the delivery suite where the wife will spend most of the time in agony. The staff will give the wife an endema so that she will “shit” everything out before giving birth. Everything is a waiting game.

A wide range of drink

As this is a long wait, if husband is hungry, they can go out to buy some food. Personally, I went to buy breakfast from deli France.

Lastly, the nurse will constantly come and confirm if you need epidural and highlight that it will take 1 hr for the anesthesiologist to get ready.


After 7 hour, a nurse suddenly walks in and says that my wife is ready to give birth. The nurse prepare the doctor and everything happened very fast. Within 5 push, the baby is out.

My baby is born

The nurse immediately ask you to take photos of the time time when the baby is born, count and ensured that the baby has 10 fingers and 10 toes while the doctor prepare the Cordlife and cord blood.

We proceed to our single bedder and rest for the day. The baby is pushed over subsequently.