Many would have heard of this confinement package by Thomson medical. This is supposedly a 28 day confinement package for ladies to take during their confinement.

Sachets that just need warm water

Rather than having to boil herbal soup which takes a long amount of time, the medicine comes in powdered form in sachets. This powered form is much easier to consume as you can simply mix the powder with hot water.

If you are deciding between the normal off-the-shelf soup package and this TCM confinement care, you will need to remember that soup needs to wash, boil and wash the dishes after drinking. Honestly, both me and my wife barely have time to rest and we rather rest and do other things (like wash clothes, clean house) instead of boiling soup. 😫😫😫

Buying the package is easy. You just go to the website and check out. If you are a Thomson member, you can get a discount and the confinement herbal care cost $388. This includes a TCM consultation. If you are staying in thomson medical, the consultation will happen in the hospital. Do give them a call when you are admitted and they will make the arrangement. If not, you will need to visit them at either the paragon or waterway branch.

The TCM doctor will help to do a “quick” consultation and address any concerns that you have. I do think that it would be good to show the doctor the confinement food menu (If you are ordering) to see if any the dishes clashes with the herbal care medicine.

Overview of what’s in the box

The actual package was carriered to my house on the day when my wife is discharged. We are able to start the confinement herbal care on the next day.

Instruction for the 3 types of herbal care

Generally the 3 package are for different stages of confinement. My wife finds the 2nd stage to be smelly due to a certain ingredient.

There are also 2 bottles, 1 supplement to boost milk supply and a cordyceps supply to revitalise the body. The box also comes with a box.

The supplement are optional and you can take as you deem fit. Eg, if your milk supply is sufficient, you can reduce dosage or even postponed it.

Additional points to note
Some FAQs

Conclusion – Would I buy this package again?

At $388, this Thomson TCM confinement herbal package is already double the price of a normal soup package. Furthermore, as this is our first child, it is quite hard to tell the benefit of this TCM. Ultimately, this is paying for convenience and time-saving. I would buy this again as it is much easier when taking care of new born.

$388 is still an affordable price and give me peace of mind that my wife has taken sufficient supplement to aid body recovery.