I took my Moderna booster during the 5th day of Chinese New Year. Originally, this was meant to prep my body before I go back office to work. 

I took my jab at Punggol 21 community Centre in the morning. Surprisingly, there was no crowd even though I went on a Saturday morning(845am). I was ushered to jab without any much delay.

I also learnt that 50 MCG equals 25ML.  

1 day has passed and I felt more lethargic than usual. But there was no fever yet. I drank herbal tea and coconut water to keep myself hydrated and cooled in case of a fever. 

Somehow I feel that my resting heart rate is 10 beats higher. Hmmm

64 instead of the average 55

I will also take heed of the advice and avoid exercise for the time being as a precautions.

How I wish covid will end and we will all return back to normal.