My wife felt a bit sick and suspect that she suffered from mastitis. With the recent surge in case, it seemed more dangerous to go to the clinic. As such, we decide to try telemedicine.

I saw people recommending “Doctor Anywhere” and decided to give it a try. The price is supposed to be rather reasonable as well. Signing up and stuff was rather easy and we find ourselves in the queue for a doctor.

The app says to wait 1 min during off peak period and 5 min for peak period

As such, the app is programmed to have a countdown of 5 min. However, there was no available doctor after 5 min. This meant that we had to repeat the process to request a doctor by enter the recent medication and drug allergy several times. (Somehow the system doesn’t save).

Literally a countdown

Nevertheless, we managed to get a doctor after 30-40 min. However, the doctor says that his video camera is spoiled. LOL. A telemedicine with a doctor whose camera is spoiled. Lolololol. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

The call with the doctor was extremely fast and the doctor just prescribe antibiotics. I can tell from his tone that our call is 1 of the many call that happened that night. ( There was a surge of 26k cases that night. I suppose he is very busy)


In total, we paid approximately $21 for the consultation and $62 for the medicine. the consultation was rather cheap but the medicine seemed slightly expense. My wife received 10 days worth of Augmentin, to be taken twice a day.

Price of my wife’s session
The price looks acceptable

Collecting Medicine

Somehow there was free delivery for medicine for that night. As such, we opted for that option as the nearest clinic was already closed. It was stated that NRIC was needed for verification when medicine is being delivered. We waited for the door bell during our assign slot of 10pm to 1am. However, no bell was rang.

I found the medicine inside of my gate when I open the door the next day. 😩😩😩

I suppose it’s night time and the deliveryman did not want to press the doorbell. 😭😭😭


Although I did not have a good experience using the service, I do think that I will give it a try again in future. This service is good when I am aware of any illness and medications that I need. It is good for basic illness like flu, cough, runny nose where it doesn’t require doctor’s examination.

The most cumbersome part of going to a doctor is leaving the house and wait in a clinic. I think telemedicine eliminate this cumbersome part.

As there was a surge in covid cases, I suppose the doctor are really busy. I do hope that during normal time, the experience would be slightly better.