My wife had contacted covid and somehow this had spread to my son who is only 7 months old. We did a ART on the baby (just poke in and turn a few time) and it turned out to be positive.

I called the nearest clinic immediately and they said they do not attend to children below 2 years old. Next, I called my usual pediatric clinic and they said they do not do PCR for baby and refer me to raffles medical junior clinic at Punggol Waterway.

Luckily, I manage to locate another nearby clinic that attend to baby. It was sort of a family clinic which has usually 1 doctor.

When I reached the clinic with my baby, I saw the doctor was doing swab test for other children. The doctor skilfully did ART and PCR for my baby during my turn and it did not really cause my baby to cry, just irritated. The doctor explained that the swab just need to touch the nose a few time ( coz I put mine quite deep into my own nose when I was testing myself ).

The clinic dispensed cough, runny nose and 2 fever medicine,1 is kinda Panadol while the other is buorofen that is meant to take if fever exceed 38.5. Kind of glad that they did cause my baby fever did exceed 38.5 degree celcius.

The total price is surprisingly $10 with all the medicine that have collected as well as an ART and PCR test. This was part of the subsidy by the government.

Update on condition

My baby fever subsided on day 2 evening after taking 2 dose of buprofen. His temperature hover around 37-37.5 degree Celsius on day 3 and 4. However, he still has cough and runny nose. At least he started making his usual noise by the end of day 2. My baby was quite lethargic for the first 2 day and remained easily irritatable on all other days.

Today is day 5 for my wife and day 4 for my baby. I just tested negative myself. Hopefully it stays that way and do not become positive after my wife and baby become negative.