Not sure the main reason, but I renewed my WordPress. I guess I am targeting to write in a more informal, diary, journal, blog format. Stopping writing my life has made me feel like I am missing out something in my life.

Writing on WordPress looks good as there are probably lesser chance for people to identify me in real life.

It cost quite a lot?

WordPress held my renewal? I am renewing on 23rd October but the expiry date is based on the date that I have stopped renewing?

Anyway, writing on WordPress is just something random for me to do. It’s more of a place for me to type and do random rant. I don’t really have much friends nor do I have much content to read here.

I have more than 100 post

I am not sure why I don’t self host and I suppose it’s mostly due to laziness.

Let’s see how many post I can write in this current subscription!