Self-Photo booth has been appearing in Singapore everywhere and last weekend I decided to head over to try them out.

Most of the self-photo companies have packages of similar price. A basic package where you can only get a few photos of what you selected to print and a much more expensive package where you can get all your photos back.

I went to Photoholic at Orchard Gateway but this particular company has a few shops offering same services. You can just book a slot in the site right before you go.

You get to choose a few theme such as background colour, spotlight or neon colour. We choose grey and kind of like the photo.

A camera with a screen to display what you have just captured
Random props to use

The staff pass the remote controller to us and start a 30min 30-sec timer.

Timer to ensure 30 minutes

After that we went to select the photo for printing. Our package has 4 photos, 2 collage and 1 A4 photo frame with photo. All of this can be collected after 40 minutes.

The shop send us the link to our photos 1 day later.

Email from Photoholic

Overall, I did enjoy my time here. My photos turned out great and the lights here are good. I would return in future to do a mini photo shoot on my own at a cheap price.

It’s not something to do often but it’s def something that I would do again