One Punggol Hawker Centre is the latest hawker centre in the Northeast. The hawker opened on 31st October and I visited the place on 4 November evening. (I saw on youtube that certain stalls are not opened yet).

The hawker is located beside Punggol Safra. This meant that it is not that near the MRT. You will need to take an Lrt from Punggol to Sam Kee station (Assuming that you do not struggle with taking the Lrt)

The hawker features 34 stalls with more than 700 seats. But it was quite packed in the 1st few weeks and rather hard to find any seats. All decent stalls that are popular has long queues that discourage me from eating.

Long queue everywhere
I settled and got YTF with a shorter queue
My dinner

I ended up with Ytf and herbal Ba Kut Teh. The Ytf was ok as it was a franchise from another place. Amazingly, it offers sesame sources, tomato soup and udon that are not commonly found. The BKT was also kind of average.

I guess I will return here in a few weeks when the crowd become lesser to try other food. Certain stalls are not open on a Friday evening yet. Even the other facilities like the library are not open. This meant that there is nothing to do apart from having a meal here.