McDonald recently introduced new products and I went to try them out. McDonald introduced not 1 but 2 new products (Or old products made new again). There is a new breakfast meal and a lunch menu. Here is my review of McDonald’s products that nobody asked for.

For breakfast, McDonald introduced a breakfast Bagel. I do not remember McDonald having this before, so it feels like a new product to me.

How it looked
How it actually looked

I would say the bread is slightly more “tough” than a normal break. There were lots of mushrooms inside as well. I would rank this burger slightly below McMuffin and McGriddles as I don’t like the bagel as much as the other types of bread. But it is nice in its way and has its own audience.

Honey Soy Chicken and Spicy Nugget
How the honey chicken looked

I kind of liked the chicken. The chicken skin on the drumstick is quite nice and the meat on both chickens is not dry. Although this is “honey soy chicken”, you cannot taste honey and soy. I would recommend this dish and it’s a good idea to eat it with extra desserts since the chicken is kind of small.

The hojicha ice cream is also nice