Changi Airport T3 has launched a carnival of some sort that has 3 different themes from “The Great World” to “ The Modern World” to “The future World”. The theme itself doesn’t have too much meaning by itself though. It’s just how they separate the rides.

The Carnival itself lasted from 4 Nov 2022 to 2 April 2023. (That does sound pretty long)

The underground is quite small with “basic” games

The place is at the end of level b2 of T3, the carpark area as well as b3 of T3(the first time I go to b3 at T3)

The whole thing is in a carpark
Not supper crowded on a weekend
Some “oldie”props and set up to take photo
I rode the teapot which doesn’t have other ppl on the ride except for my family of 3. $15 for 5 min of fun.
I also rode the train.
A bit lame. Only 2 cars can be used at a time for the “slow” bumper car. Each pax is $8. (1parent +1 kid = $16)
Go Kart is quite expensive. Check Klook for deals.
Price of gokart

Overall, the booths and games are more for children. Nothing for adults except for the go-kart. Most of the rides even impose a 70cm ride limit.

Tickets can be purchased from the iChangi app and scanned at every booth. However, you may not be able to spend all the credits given some rides are not $5.

Maybe I may visit this place again in future, but definitely not so soon since the rides are rather expensive. (Considering i need pay extra pax for an adult to accompany a kid).